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Medical Materials

Medical Materials

One of Japan Vilene's main medical products is functional base materials used by pharmaceutical companies for cold compresses and for plasters. Sales to hospitals include surgical bandages, caps, gowns, drapes and disposable incontinence bed sheets.
Japan Vilene's molded face masks are used in surgical operations and other hospital uses, as well as to protect factory workers from dust.
In medical and consumer applications, Japan Vilene's nonwovens meet requirements for products with absorbent, permeable, lint-free and, if necessary, bacteria-proof properties. In addition, the product designs of these nonwovens are tailored to meet individual requirements.

Major Products

  • Pharmaceutical base materials
    • Transdermal backing materials
      (cold and hot compress base materials, plaster base materials, transdermal therapeutic systems base materials)
    • Medical backing materials registered in DMF of the U.S. FDA and NMPA of the Chinese FDA (cFDA)
  • Medical cosmetic base materials
    • Cosmetic base materials
    • Cooling sheet base materials
  • Sanitary materials and medical devices
    • Medical masks, gowns and drapes for hospital-use
    • Surgical bandages
    • Dressing pads
    • Disposable bed sheets
    • Infection prevention sheets and pads
    • Dialysis care products
    • Rectal catheters
    • Medical cast padding
  • Disposable respirators and masks
    • Disposable respirators (National assay-approved)
    • N95 Particulate Respirator (NIOSH N95 approved)
    • Dust-proof masks
    • Filter materials for masks
  • Cleaning tools for professional use
    • Disposable mops
    • Wiping
    • Cleaning pads
  • Other products
    • Food product packing materials
    • Antistatic wiping good

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