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Air Filters Materials

Air Filters Materials

There is a growing need to clean the air in the living and working environments. According to Japan's Buildings Maintenance Law, the floating dust level in buildings is required to be less than 0.15 milligrams per cubic meter. In addition, increasing importance is now being attached to the removal of harmful substances from the air.
Sophisticated filter system are especially important for precision manufacturing industries, where one speck of unwanted dust can have a major impact on quality. To combat this problem, facilities such as semiconductor production plants use clean rooms. For passenger cars, high-performance filtration systems have been developed to clean the air drawn into the cabin.
As the leading Japanese nonwovens manufacturer, Japan Vilene supplies nonwovens for filters, air conditioning equipment and systems using materials that meet the market requirements.
Besides air conditioning, Japan Vilene produces precision filter media and systems for specialty dust collection and car cabin air filters.
Japan Vilene will respond flexibly to new market trends by developing high-performance, highly functional nonwoven filters and innovative systems using those filters.

Major Products

  • VILEDON air filter series
    • For spray-painting booth
    • For ovens (Heat resistance filter)
    • Washable type for general use
    • Disposable type for general use
    • For equipment filters
    • Panel type filters
  • Automatic roll filter system
  • Fine filters Ecoalpha series
    • Filter element detachable type
    • Cell box type
    • Anti sea salt
    • Thin and ultra light weight type
    • Pocket type
  • Filter casing
  • Insect filter
  • Gas removal filter
    • For odor and corrosive gas removal
    • Chemical filter
  • HEPA/ULPA filter
  • Asbestos removal
    • Negative pressure clean unit
    • Air shower (easy installation)
  • Pollen removal air shower
  • Equipment filters
    • For house ventilation (dust, gas removal)
    • For OA equipment (VOC and Ozone removal filter)
    • For trains, ventilating fan, air-purifiers
  • Cabin air filters
  • Air intake filter for turbo machinery
  • Fuel cell filters


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