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Industrial Materials

Industrial Materials

The broad product lineup of industrial materials covers not only industrial but also new applications. Our strategy is to develop and offer high-value-added products that are engineered and tailored to individual performance and quality requirements.
Our nonwovens are found in many high-tech items, such as liquid filters, various kinds of rolls for ironworks, and cores and overlays for fiber-reinforced plastics.
Cleaning rolls for photocopiers is another important application for nonwovens. They remove toner from photocopier drums and ensure blemish-free output.

Major Products

  • Industrial, information and audio equipment supplies
    • Photocopier cleaning rolls
    • Audio equipment packing materials
  • Industrial processing materials
    • Steel-production rollers
    • Polishing rollers
    • Liquid filters
    • Blanket cleaners for printing equipment
    • Wiping cloths
    • Gaskets
    • Fiber-reinforced plastic overlays
  • Industrial materials
    • Heat and flame-resistant materials
    • Tree-planting
  • Life materials
    • Shoe and bag backing material
  • Electrical insulating materials
    • Electrical insulation

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