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Apparel Materials

Apparel Materials

Japan Vilene introduced the concept of fusible interlinings into Japanese garment industries for the first time in the early 1960s. Nonwoven interlinings are indispensable components of garments. Interlinings play a behind-the-scenes role in enhancing the quality of garments by supporting them from the inside. In this way, interlinings keep the shape, improve the comfort, and maintain the good appearance of apparel.
Japan Vilene also handles apparel components that support garment quality such as shoulder pads and fusible tapes, as well as the global wadding brand “Comfortemp” and other waddings which are widely used for various ski, sport and active wear.
We are part of the Freudenberg Group's global apparel business. The Freudenberg Group's technological development capabilities, global network, and our in-depth understanding of the Japanese market are our strengths, and we actively support our customers in their overseas operations.

Major Products

  • Interlinings (woven and nonwoven interlinings)
    • Interlinings for men’s, ladies’ and children’s clothing (suits, blouses, shirts and coats)
    • Interlinings for sports and active clothing
  • Wadding
    • Skiwear
    • Snowboard wear
    • Winter wear
    • Quilted wear
  • Garment accessory
    • Shoulder pads
    • Chest piece
    • Sleeve head roll
    • Tapes

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