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Management Philosophy

We will endeavor to enhance the corporate value of the company and make a broad contribution to society by manufacturing products that enable people to live fuller and more comfortable lives, with all employees striving to meet the confidence of customers through sound and fair corporate activities.

(Revised on June 1, 2006)

CSR Charter

  • We will comply with all relevant laws and regulations and respect all social norms including corporate ethics, conventional wisdom and common sense to promote fair business practices.
  • We will provide products and services that are safe and that earn the trust and satisfaction of customers and the market through fair market competition.
  • We will be committed to the education, safety and health of employees and strive to develop a free and vigorous corporate culture that encourages a bold spirit.
  • We will aim at maximizing the corporate value of the company through efficient business activities.
  • We will create good communications with stakeholders by working to maintain and ensure the transparency of our corporate activities.
  • We will develop technologies and products with an awareness of the environment, to reduce the environmental burden and better fulfill our obligation to protect the environment and create a recycling society.
  • We will engage in social contribution activities to create a sound and sustainable society.
  • We will respect the cultures and customs of the countries and regions in which we are present and operate in a way that contributes to their development.

(Established on April 1, 2006)

Japan Vilene Group Occupational Health and Safety Policy

The Japan Vilene Group will position the safety and health of ‘all workers’ as one of the top priorities of management, and actively promote ‘prevention of occupational accidents’ and ‘provision of a healthy and motivating working environment’.

  1. We will aim to improve the group's occupational health and safety levels by each site setting occupational health and safety objectives and striving for continual improvement of occupational health and safety levels, based on this policy.
  2. We will comply not only with occupational health and safety-related legal requirements and other applicable standards but also with Freudenberg Group's HSE standards, draw up necessary site-specific standards, and aim to improve management levels.
  3. We will work on occupational health and safety activities with the participation of all workers by identifying hazards related to occupational health and safety, and by reducing risks with incorporating appropriate technologies and methods such as risk assessment.
  4. We will invest appropriate management resources in implementation of occupational health and safety activities, continually maintain and improve the occupational health and safety management system in terms of management and operation.
  5. We will position consultation and participation of workers as the essential and work on occupational health and safety activities based on good communication.
  6. We will systematically and continually provide trainings to all workers and establish a workplace where each worker can improve occupational health and safety levels with their pride and awareness.

This policy will be thoroughly disseminated to ‘all workers’ of the Japan Vilene Group and disclosed to interested parties.

Representative Director, President and CEO
Takuya Yakata
(Established on January 1, 2024)

Vilene Group Code of Conduct (Extract)

1. Fair and Sincere Corporate Activities

  1. Achieving customer trust and satisfaction
    We aspire to achieve customer trust and satisfaction through our activities, which include developing and providing socially useful products and services with a commitment to product safety and the protection of personal information.
  2. Engaging in free competition and appropriate transactions
    We will engage in fair, transparent, and free competition and appropriate transactions.
  3. Managing corporate information with care
    We will carefully manage business and personal information.
    We will also manage and protect intellectual property with care.
  4. Maintaining healthy relationships with business partners, etc.
    We will maintain healthy and normal relationships with our business partners, including public bodies.

2. Pleasant Working Environment

We seek to produce comfort and affluence by respecting diversity, personality, and individuality and by creating a safe and pleasant working environment.

3. Ethical Conduct

We are members of a corporate organization, and as such we have the responsibility to act in the interests of that organization. We will behave with integrity, ensuring that we never harm the Company to benefit our own or third-party interests and we never use the tangible or intangible property of the Company for personal benefit.

4. Basic Attitude to Society

  1. Disclosing information appropriately
    We will actively and fairly disclose corporate information by communicating not only with our shareholders but also with the broader community.
  2. Acting on global environmental issues
    We recognize that protecting the global environment is a task for all humanity and an essential requirement for companies, and we will voluntarily and proactively act on environmental issues.
  3. Pursuing social action programs
    We will actively adopt social action programs as a good corporate citizen.
  4. Eliminating the influence of antisocial forces
    We will stand resolute against antisocial forces and groups that threaten the order and safety of civil society.

5. System for Compliance with the Code of Conduct

We will endeavor to ensure that all officers and employees are familiar with the Code of Conduct and to develop an effective internal system by constantly seeking opinions from inside and outside the Company. In doing so, we aim to act in a manner consistent with corporate ethics at all times to embody the sprit of the Code.

(Established on June 1, 2010)

Corporate Governance

The Company's position on corporate governance is that we should maximize returns to shareholders and stakeholders by continuing to grow and develop under changing social and economic environments. Recognizing this, we have taken a number of steps to improve corporate governance. For instance, we have accelerated key decision making, clarified responsibilities with respect to the execution of duties, improved and strengthened our compliance systems and internal controls, and sought to make timely disclosure.

1. Corporate Governance System

2. Preventing acts in violation of laws and ordinances

The Company set up the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee as a body that decides on and improves legal compliance, fairness and ethics. We also established the CSR Charter and have made clear our stance on CSR.
We also laid down a Vilene Group Code of Conduct as the basic mindset that employees of the Company and its group companies should maintain, and we have a clear commitment to protecting the environment and contributing to the community. We are also dedicated to full legal compliance, which will achieve by ensuring that all employees are familiar with our Vilene Group Code of Conduct through briefings and other means.
In addition, we established the Internal Auditing Department as part of the internal control system. The department conducts periodic audits of the Company and its Group companies.

3. Strengthening of the functions of the Board of Directors

The Company has clarified its decision-making and bolstered its monitoring functions with the seconding of part-time directors from two large shareholders.
Important problems about the conduct of business are deliberated and examined by the Corporate Officers Meeting, attended by directors, corporate officers, deputy directors and corporate auditors to accelerate decision-making. The Board of Directors focuses on the monitoring of management.
Management and the decision-making process are monitored by corporate auditors, who attend important meetings of the Company and Group companies. At present, all two corporate auditors (including one outside auditor) are full time and are responsible for monitoring management.
In April 2006, we set up a Personnel Committee, raised the level of transparency of human resources affairs and the treatment of directors and the like. We have also developed a more active management organization.

Basic Environmental Principle

Japan Vilene Company, Limited recognizes that the conservation of the global environment is the most important issue confronting the planet. We will provide technologies and products that are compatible with the environment so that we can contribute to the development of society, paying attention to environmental protection in every aspect of our corporate activities.

(Established on January 1, 1999)

Environmental Policies

  1. We consider the conservation of the global environment one of the most important responsibilities of management.
  2. We will comply with domestic and international laws and regulations related to the environment and voluntarily establish management standards that encourage environmentally efficient activities.
  3. We will accurately gauge the impact of our business activities on the environment and repeatedly make regular reviews of the established environmental objectives and targets to prevent contamination and make continuous improvements.
  4. To create a sustainable recycling society, we will improve our technological and management activities to reduce the burden on the environment, such as resource savings, energy savings and a reduction in waste materials.
  5. In the development of new products and new technologies, we will make an environmental impact assessment throughout the production lifecycle, from the selection of raw materials to manufacturing, distribution, use and disposal to reduce the environmental burden.
  6. We will take steps to raise the environmental awareness of all employees through education and internal activities and to provide information and communications to local communities and government offices.

(Established on April 1, 2005)

Quality Policies

  1. We will remain constantly committed to preserving the global environment and providing technologies and products that are compatible with the environment.
  2. We will improve and refine quality and deliver great products that earn the trust of customers.
  3. We will identify the causes of any problems or defects and quickly and completely correct them so that we earn customer satisfaction and make a better contribution to the development of society.

(Revised on April 1, 2006)

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