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Corporate Data
Company Name Japan Vilene Company, Ltd.
Head Office Hama-rikyu Mitsui Bldg., 6-4, Tsukiji 5-Chome, Chuo-ku,
Tokyo 104-8423, Japan
As of March 31, 2016
Date of Establishment June 1, 1960
Number of Employees (Consolidated) 1,777 , (Non-Consolidated) 839
Common Stock (Millions of Yen) 10,680

Business Results
(As of March 31, 2016)
Consolidated (Millions of Yen)
Net Sales 61,064
Ordinary Income 5,119

Shareholders (As of April 1, 2016) Percentage of Voting Rights
Freudenberg SE 75%
Toray Industries, Inc. 25%

Board Members, Corporate Auditors (As of April 18, 2016)
Representative Member of the Board
Toshio Yoshida Director Motokazu Iwasaki
Representative Member of the Board
Satoshi Kawamura Director Yukiyasu Izuta
Senior Managing Director Masahiro Kimura Director Thomas Seidel
Managing Director Yasuhiro Esaki Director Shogo Masuda *1
Director Yasuji Nakakouji Corporate Auditor Noriyuki Aoki
Director Atsushi Shimoda Corporate Auditor Minoru Tamatsukuri *2
*1: Outside Director
*2: Outside Corporate Auditor

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History of Japan Vilene

1960 Establishment of Japan Vilene Co., Ltd. (Capital: 120 million yen)
1961 Completion of Shiga Factory
1970 Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
1972 Completion of Tokyo Factory
1976 Establishment of Nouvil Co., Ltd.
(Current Vilene Create Co., Ltd.)
1980 Establishment of Freudenberg & Vilene International Ltd. <Hong Kong>
1983 Establishment of VIAM Manufacturing, Inc. <U.S.A.・LA>
Establishment of Hikotomi Industrial Co., Ltd.
1984 Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
1985 Establishment of Pacific Giken Co., Ltd.

Establishment of Viclean Co., Ltd.

1987 Establishment of Cumulass Co., Ltd.
1989 Establishment of Taiwan Vilene Nonwoven Co., Ltd. <Taiwan>
(Current Freudenberg & Vilene Nonwovens (Taiwan) Co., Ltd.)
1990 Opening of Research & Development Center
(Current Central Reseach Laboratory)
1994 Establishment of Vilene Ibaraki Service Co., Ltd.
(Current VIS Co., Ltd.)
1995 Establishment of Freudenberg & Vilene Nonwovens (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. <China>
Shiga Factory and Tokyo Factory each receive ISO9002 certification
1996 Shiga Factory and Tokyo Factory each receive ISO9001 certification
1997 Establishment of Freudenberg Vitech Ltd. Partnership <U.S.A.>
Acquisition of Oyama Chemical Co., Ltd.
1998 Establishment of Korea Vilene Co., Ltd. <Korea>
Establishment of VIAM (TN) Ltd. Partnership <U.S.A.>
(Current VIAM Manufacturing, Inc.)
Shiga Factory and Tokyo Factory each receive ISO14001 certification
2001 Establishment of VIAM Holding, Inc. <U.S.A.>
Establishment of Korea Filtertek Co., Ltd. <Korea>
(Current Korea Filtration Technologies Co., Ltd.)
2002 Opening of Shanghai Representative Office <China>
2004 Establishment of Freudenberg & Vilene Filter (Changchun) Co., Ltd. <China>
Establishment of Tianjin VIAM Automotive Products Co., Ltd. <China>
2005 Establishment of Freudenberg & Vilene Interlinings (Nantong) Co., Ltd. <China>
2007 Establishment of Japan VIAM Co., Ltd.
2008 Consolidation of three VIAM group companies in the US into VIAM Manufacturing, Inc. <U.S.A.・TN>
Establishment of Freudenberg & Vilene Filter (Thailand) Co., Ltd. <Thailand>
2011 Establishment of VICAM Inc. <U.S.A.>
Acquisition of VITECH Manufacturing L.P. <U.S.A.>
2012 Establishment of Freudenberg & Vilene Filter (Chengdu) Co., Ltd .<China>
Establishment of VIAM Manufacturing Mexico S.A. de C.V. <Mexico>
2013 Establishment of VIAM Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.<Thailand>
Acquisition of Oshitari Laboratory, Inc.
2014 Opening of Kyushu Sales Office
2015 Opening of Fukuyama Sales Office
Delisted from the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Became a wholly-owned subsidiary of FT Holdings, Freudenberg SE and Toray Industries, Inc.
2016 Establishment of VITECHMEX NONWOVENS S.A. de C.V. <Mexico>

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